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"Dungeon Delve" is my first attempt at a somewhat decent game and I want to get as much feedback as possible. It is a simple rouge-like platformer with a simple inventory and crafting system, inspired by such games as Spelunky and Magicite. Simply use WASD and space to move and jump and use your mouse to move items. The levels are pseudo-random but with the same layouts. Each level has enemies, treasure, spikes, platforming and a chest full of randomly-generated goodies to aid you in your journey! Simply press "w" at the door to advance a level and prepare for your fight against the final boss. You can also try combining items in your inventory to string a bow, combine potions etc. to use weapons, put them in your first slot and click with your mouse, other items can be used by dragging them over your player, or whatever you want to interact with. The controls and game play are easy to master but are also full of secrets for you to discover. Please provide feedback, comments, or questions as I want to try to improve my game-making skills.


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